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Buford House, Tombstone Arizona

Copper Mountain Inn

    The Copper Mountain Inn is in Globe, AZ is today a very well run and very nicely kept adult nursing facility. However for many years it was known as Gila County Hospital. Although they are not in use anymore the facility still has its operating rooms, labor and delivery rooms, emergency trauma area, morgue and many many strange stories.

    Like the story of the little boy that roams the hallways in one of the wings. One nurse found it so unnerving one night that she left and never returned.

    Or the story of the nurse in her white outfit that still works in the closed emergency wing of the hospital. One night two staff members found one of the residents family members nesting quietly on a stretcher in one of the ER rooms. When asked what she was doing there she replied that as was told she could rest there by a nurse who was dressed in a white uniform with a cap. The staff members looked at each other in amazement and told the woman that they don't wear those uniforms anymore. The women left the hospital in a hurry.

    The areas with the most activity have been the kitchen, laundry, and morgue on the basement level and the Alzheimer's and emergency wings on the main level. It should be noted that on the night of our first visit at approximately 1:00am the staff found us and brought us to the wing where there where many Native American women to witness a strange phenomena. All the elderly Apache woman were sitting up in bed and chanting prayers in their native tongue to ward off the evil spirits. The staff related that they had never witnessed anything like that before.

    We have not yet been through the whole hospital as of this time but we look forward to being invited again. Maybe next time we can catch a glimpse of the little boy or even the nurse.

    A special thank you to the staff members of the Copper Mountain Inn for their help and hospitality. The team members really enjoyed doing this investigation.