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Prescott Arizona

Tombstone Arizona

Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

Teeter House, Phoenix, Arizona

Casey Moore's

Private Residence #1, Gilbert Arizona

Private Residence #2, Gilbert, Arizona

Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum

    One of the team's favorite places to explore is the Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum located north of Phoenix. The village of twenty-eight historic buildings includes a church from Globe, a Victorian house, a farmhouse from Phoenix, a opera house from Prescott and many other cabins and buildings from all over Arizona. In 2004 the team spent the night on six separate occasions, locked into the premises with only a caretaker present. During these outings various activities were recorded in both the Victorian house and the farmhouse. The favorite building however, is the opera house from Prescott, which was built in 1876, dismantled in 1959 and moved brick by brick to the Pioneer Village, where it was then reconstructed. On one outing the team placed a digital recorder on a chair in front of the stage inside the opera house, locked the door and proceeded with the caretaker to the far side of the village to take pictures. Upon returning at 2:00am they began to review the recording. What they heard was astonishing. For forty minutes there was nothing but static on the recording, then without warning the group began to hear sounds of a loud train depot. The screeching of steel on steel, loud banging like cars being coupled and uncoupled, muffled voices and many other loud noises. That lasted for exactly twenty one minutes then there was only static noise again. Keep in mind the closest railroad tracks are almost twenty miles away....

Private Residence #3, Mesa, Arizona