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Prescott Arizona

Tombstone Arizona

Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

    The Queen Mary was the most luxurious ocean liner in her day, making over 1000 Atlantic crossings. During the war, her service was needed as a troop transport and also a hospital ship. Today she is docked at Long Beach, California as a luxury hotel, some say the most haunted hotel in the world -- home to over six hundred spirits. In January of 2004 the team members spent the night on the Queen Mary. They had dinner and a tour with world renowned physic Peter James during which they were taken to the engine room, boiler room, cargo hold and several other places that are off limits to other guests. Later that evening the group met up with Peter James again for a private tour of the infirmary where German POW'S had committed suicide. The ship's condemned swimming pool is where several people had drowned and a place Peter James calls the ships main energy vortex.

Teeter House, Phoenix, Arizona

Casey Moore's

Private Residence #1, Gilbert Arizona

Private Residence #2, Gilbert, Arizona

Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum

Private Residence #3, Mesa, Arizona