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We are often able to take pictures of things we see -- and sometimes of things we don't see! Here some photos for your review. Click on any image to open a larger picture.

We're always adding pictures, so check back often to see what's new!

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These photos were taken at the Teeter House in Phoenix, AZ.

Woman's face behind
water glass on a table.
Orb at entrance to
Teeter House.

These photos were taken at RJ's Antique Shop in Mesa, AZ.

These photos were taken on The Queen Mary, in Long Beach, CA. You can learn more about this investigation on our Investigations page.

Man standing behind team member.On the shipWoman behind man was not
there when picture was taken.

These photos were taken at the Winchester Mansion.

First name of team member that took this photo starts with letter "D." The light that formed the letter "D" came from a street light outside.Group of four photos of a blue orb that followed us into each room.Inside the mansion.

These photos were taken in Sedona, AZ.

Gallery Page: 1   2   3