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We are often able to take pictures of things we see -- and sometimes of things we don't see! Here some photos for your review. Click on any image to open a larger picture.

We're always adding pictures, so check back often to see what's new!

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These photos were taken at Pioneer Village, AZ. You can learn more about this unique "living history musuem" on our Investigations page.

Face on the back
of team member's head.
Orb taken at farm house.Taken on the Gallows.
A tea light formed a noose
in front of team member.
Outline of a cowboy.In the Living History MuseumGroom's room in the Opera House
 Orb in motion.
Victorian House

Photo taken on Alactraz Island, CA.

Orb in stairwell.

These photos were taken in Globe, AZ at the Copper Mountain Inn. You can learn more about this facility on our Investigations page.

These photos were taken in Hannigan Meadow, near Alpine, AZ.

These photos were taken at the Jenny Wade House in Gettysburg, PA.

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