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We are often able to take pictures of things we see -- and sometimes of things we don't see! Here some photos for your review. Click on any image to open a larger picture.

It should be noted that before the groups' pictures were aired on TV3 in 2003, they were sent out for verification. The analyst who checked them is an expert in photography and sound. He has done work for the Canadian and U.S. governments and has also testified in many criminal cases. His findings reveled that the photographs had normal movement and shutter speed that is consistent with one second exposure. There was no time lapse or special effects done and the photos have not been altered in any way using any type of software. What appears in the photographs is what was captured during our investigations.

We're always adding pictures, so check back often to see what's new!

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These three photos were taken in Prescott, AZ.
For more information on them, see our Investigations Page.

Court HouseHotel Vendome

This photo was taken at a home investigation in Gilbert, AZ.

These photos were taken at an investigation at the Yuma Territorial Prison.

Cell 14Dark CellGuard Tower

These photos were taken at various investigations in the Phoenix Area.

Vortex taken at private
residence, Phoenix, AZ
Skeletal figure upper right corner, Monti's La Casa Vieja Restaurant, Tempe, AZLandmark Restaurant
Mesa, AZ
Man's face looking down,
should be the face of a
female team member.
Private residence
Tempe, AZ
Man's face,
Private residence
Tempe, AZ

These photos were taken at investigations in Tombstone, AZ.

Face of a woman looking up.
Nellie Castmen's Restaurant,
Tombstone, AZ
Shadow of a cowboy
on the roof of the OK Corral,
Tombstone, AZ
Man in the mirror.
Buford Bed & Breakfast,
Tombstone, AZ
Shadow of a cowboy on the
outside of the O.K. Corral,
Tombstone, AZ
Shadow of a cowboy
on the street in
Tombstone, AZ
Hand on the back of
team member's sweatshirt.
Buford Bed & Breakfast,
Tombstone, AZ
Bar on the streets of
Tombstone, AZ
Woman's face on banister,
taken at the top of the stairs
at Bordello Bed & Breakfast,
Tombstone, AZ
Orb taken at Tombstone Cemetery
Taken at the Tombstone Cemetery

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